Adam Singer+ Your Authors @AdamSinger Think3 CMO. Prev: $GOOG, agency director, advised $SPLK $MKTO $DRI & other brands you use daily. 🎵 composer. Investor & student. Best friend to @dashthedingo. Jul. 11, 2017 2 min read + Your Authors

This idea dies on the shelf:  ...major grocers have store brands which are same thing. There's no "so what" about it.

Yes try & compete w/already razor thin margin CPG brands. Meanwhile branding is how you stand out. Go higher quality/be premium/charge more!

Of course they are VC funded. And that's enough to be written up on TechCrunch why?  ...this is not a tech company.

$100 says their VCs & PR people will work hard to persuade finance and tech media they warrant that SaaS multiple. For no reason. It's CPG!

"Brandless" is a brand btw. Name is awful. Ignores that people, in fact, love the brands they use. The founders clearly are not marketers.

Story on their 'about us' page 100% misses why people ❤ brands. They don't get it. If brand didn't matter RC Cola would be bigger than coke.

Oh man the Brandless products aren't even good. I hope no one buys this fluoride-free toothpaste ...unless you'd like to be toothless.

Physical retail grocer Lidl is moving into the US. Their peanut butter is $1.19. brandless is 3+shipping. Hosed. 

Brandless is super cool, trying to ™ white space. Win over hearts & minds of consumers by letting lawyers run amok? 

.@tomfgoodwin points us to someone else trying to do this same "revolutionary" idea. This time on Kickstarter (sigh) 

Best part here is they think their pricing is competition. Yeah ok $11 for a razor. It's like they don't even know Dollar Shave Club exists.

The positioning against "evil" brands (who already sell these things cheaper btw) is so silly. They are also a company attempting to profit!

This part is the worst. Pure BS: margins from grocers razor thin already, customers won from all the competition from WMT / AMZN / KR etc.

The battle for the cheap end of CPG is dumb. Race to bottom margin wise & these startups will never get volume needed to matter. +shipping!!

Opportunity now is not this, is create a *better* experience and make the best of something, charge premium price & create brand experience.

I told you this one wouldn't work. Couple sales out the gate but it looks bad. All the reasons I listed above and again, it's such a dumb brand name. 

SoftBank must be bored. Or they just have so much money anyone with a slick deck gets funded. Anyway this one is not a winner someone let me know when we can call it.

It sucks these companies just stay private forever imagine the short selling possibilities we're missing. This is the new "we're on the blockchain" pivot for retail.

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