1/ When we disable ego, we enable learning.

2/ Learning is an innate capacity but judgment, fear, and ego get in the way.

3/ Pace and quality of learning accelerate with relaxed concentration - flow.

4/ Three requirements for flow:
1. clear goals
2. immediate feedback
3. challenging, but manageable activity

5/ When we enter a flow state, the rational mind goes dim. Awareness and uninhibited perception take over.

6/ Full immersion is the essence of flow states: energized focus, full involvement, deep enjoyment.


7/ @fortelabs calls flow the holy grail of productivity. The pre-frontal cortex shuts down and self-criticism disappears.

8/ Flow states are fun. They improve pattern recognition and lateral thinking, a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

9/ Flow is a state of inner tranquility — more focus and less stress. The science proves this.

10/ In a flow state, you feel free and relaxed, not tense and overly controlled.

11/ Josh Waitzkin, a chess and tai chi world champion, calls flow the secret to optimal performance.

12/ There’s a Japanese word I like: Mushin (無心). The English translation is “the state of no-mindedness.”

13/ Advanced martial artists enter a Mushin state during combat.

14/ Guided by the subconscious, the sword and the warrior become one in the same.

15/ The warrior is free from ego, anger, and fear.
No internal chatter — present, aware, and free.

16/ The mind is guided by instinct and intuition. It works deftly, but with no intention, plan or direction.

17/ Flow with whatever comes. Move with, not against, randomness and unexpectedness.

18/ Flow itself can be more rewarding than what we're able to achieve with it.

1. The Inner Game of Tennis
2. The Art of Learning
3. @fortelabs
4. @mistermircea

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Add credit to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

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