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Life is not a sprint and creatives don’t win by squeezing out single-digit effort advantages. Take fucking Xmas off from whatever the hell you’re doing. Your hustle can wait, gangster.

Also, with apologies to @garyvee, it’s time to take “hustle” out back and hit it with a shovel. Whatever mojo it might once have held has long since been tortured out. Let it die.

You can’t outwork existential angst. No matter how many hours you put in at the office, there’s no cosmic reward that’ll fill the void you’re so desperately running from.

You’re going to die, and on that final day, life will have seemed awfully short if you spent all on “the hustle”. But it’s long enough if you open your eyes and look beyond that soul-crushing ladder game.

There’s no number, no trophy, no acclaim that’s ultimate going to make the all-consuming self sacrifice to Lord Business a deal worth making.

Put in a good day’s work then close the damn laptop, and “waste” some time on the rest of the human experience. Eat some damn duck. Watch a shitty Xmas movie. Light a fucking tree. Dare to be so bold as to be ordinary every now and then.

You want to a short cut to more productivity? 1) Get a great night’s sleep, 2) Get plenty of fresh air, 3) Get regular exercise, 4) Read some classics, 5) Say no to more dumb shit. Voila, Superhuman reporting for duty!

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