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Yo, fellow guys in tech. Next speaking gig you get offered, refer a female colleague instead. Just do it. Previously was giving ~25 talks/yr, last year I only did ~15. The other opps I passed on to new voices. Now several of them are regulars on speaking circuits.

Many of us are already on the events circuits so it's easy for organizers to call us every year. Many of them don't stop to think about having a diverse selection of presenters they are just trying to fill the schedule.

But if you have been doing this for awhile (I have given talks at conferences for over decade) your voice will be heard & trusted by the people managing the conference. I've never once had someone I referred get rejected. Not a single time. It's honestly up to us to make change.

The other thing I started doing a few years ago is refusing to participate on panels if it's with 100% men which has happened before and it is all our fault. Now I communicate up front I'll join this panel but before agreeing would like to understand who it will be comprised of.

In ~5 cases last year told an event organizer you need to, for not only improving quality of but reputation of your event, not put 3 white men on a panel ever again. It's glaring & bad. w/o equal representation at events that set agenda for an industry, we can't make progress.

Our team especially believes in this. At our highest profile events @kristaseiden represents the analytics industry globally. Recently to world leadership @ the UN. She is amazing & a force for change- not to mention one of the best public speakers in tech

Also give shout out to @randfish & @Moz team for being esp conscious in giving both new & diverse voices a chance to express themselves. At an event last yr I watched Rand go step further & during his keynote, boldly raise awareness of tech's gender biases. He's a great person.

Oh yeah, final Tweet on this & a call to action for tech sector: my colleague @louisgray curated an amazing #womeninanalytics list under the @googleanalytics account. If you want tier 1 presenters at your next event we've highlighted many to choose from:

Update: we started the same initiative for life science sector. You should borrow good previous ideas wherever you go (the goog initiative was really successful for tech industry thanks to @kristaseiden @louisgray & @suzannemumford) #womeningenetics

The first Tweet in this thread got >1M views in case you're wondering how important sharing these stories are (talking to other men here, we all need to be allies daily).

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