Steve Bullock @GuitarMoog Immigrant, Musician, Sound Engineer, SNP, ex-negotiator for UK in EU. Brother of @JuliaKayPotts. Supporter of @FinalSayForAll. On Holiday. Back soon. Feb. 07, 2018 1 min read

After decades of being at best ignored and at worst despised by UK Governments, my native North East will get the coup de grace of Brexit.

16% worse off with no deal, 11% even with a comprehensive trade deal (the most likely outcome). Govt's own figures. I feel sick.

Seriously, anyone in the North East still backing Brexit is, whether they intend to or not, backing their friends family and neighbours losing their jobs.

And it will not be distributed evenly. The already worst off and lowest paid will be hit worst. Think of our region's history, and you'll know that they always are.

The Jarrow Marchers marched against poverty in the North East, starting from 3 miles from where I was born. Brexit means poverty for thousands and thousands of North Easterners.

It doesn't matter how you voted. You know this now, and that is what matters. Please, please, act to stop your and my friends, family and neighbours having their lives ruined for the ideological whim of a few rich chancers.

And if you think it can't be stopped, or that it's not worth fighting for, remember we support Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesborough, Darlington and Berwick Rangers. No cause is a lost cause for us!

This can be stopped. It doesn't have to happen. Don't let other people do this to you. It's not their kids that'll be screwed by it. Do something about it for you and for the great region. Tell them to fucking haddaway and shite FFS!

(Apologies to Hartlepool and Gateshead, and for that matter South Shields FC (FA Vase winners!) and Blyth Spartans fans BTW)

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