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You're all 100% tired of my BTC/crypto takes. I can tell. Here are folk way smarter. Get many perspectives & make up own mind.

All out bulls:
@mdudas @AriannaSimpson @APompliano @starkness
@gwestr @prestonjbyrne @pt @ummjackson
@joonian @sonyaellenmann @NeerajKA

Seriously you should follow all of those people & as always make up your own mind on all of this. Bonus 100% of them are down to Earth, nice and just thoughtful folk. Will engage with you intellectually (unlike @naval etc who blocked me for having thoughts I respect above a lot).

I have no position in crypto or bitcoin but actually root for it lately because of how nice some of the community is. They have changed my mind on a lot. Can't root against good people.

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