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Thread. I can’t confirm all the details but if Facebook is using 2FA phone number for anything other than authentication, that’s the “growth and engagement team” putting vulnerable people in real danger. Inexcusable.

This is how a business model can be so poisonous and harmful. This is unacceptable.

This is horrible. You give Facebook your phone number for login authentication; instead, it abuses it to SMS spam to drive up “engagement”, and when you reply to spam, is posts it on your wall.

We’ve been reading about the more “thoughtful”, considerate Zuckerberg sacrificeing engagement. Well, behavior is > Facebook PR department convincing journalist to put in flattery. Misusing 2FA phone numbers is prioritizing “engagement” over people’s safety and security.

Abusing the authentication process is unconscionable. SMS shouldn’t be used for “engagement” anyway. Opens people up to phishing under the best of circumstances.

Facebooook! Stop this. Growth “mindset” is at the root of so much of the worst effects of these platforms. You’d still be fabulously wealthy without this, Zuck. This is soulless. This is how we’ve train people to be phished. Aaaarrgh.

Anyone in Europe? Any EU person somewhere?

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