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Time for that sad reminder. After Robin Williams' suicide, sensational media coverage that violated the CDC guidelines resulted in a 10 PERCENT increase in suicides. Same effect applies to mass shootings. Newsrooms, please be considerate in your coverage.  https://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/27/opinion/the-virginia-shooter-wanted-fame-lets-not-give-it-to-him.html 

This isn't calling for censorship. It's calling for non-sensationalist coverage done in a way that informs rather than inspires/encourages the next distorted murderer. This is doable with a bit of editorial wisdom and guidance. Please tone down the sensationalism and clickbait.

Many of you in media understand why too easy access to guns is big part of the problem. Too easy access to mass media infamy following mass murder/suicide is also part of the problem. Research is more than clear at this point. Please do your part. Report responsibly, to inform.

Responsible reporting : don't excessively splatter the killer's face, name or manifesto on loop on mass media and front pages. Don't replay the same short video of people running/cowering in fear. It's a snuff film, don't cooperate. Instead focus on victims, report about guns,

This is a snuff film. It should not be played widely, let alone auto-played. It’s a snuff film produced so that media would do just this. Don’t cooperate.

Also, as people continue to focus on NRA's political contributions, please read and consider this excellent op-ed by @hahriehan. What the NRA has more than gun control advocates isn't money, it's also an organized, active base and strategic leadership.  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/04/opinion/gun-control-nra-vegas.html 

This isn’t reasonable or okay. Don’t put snuff films in loop while censoring an essentially mundane swear word.

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