1/ The secret to learning is forgetting things.

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2/ Our minds prize efficiency.

Compression is a process of distilling information down to its essential elements.

Over time, we compress information into simple rules of thumb.

3/ We like big ideas in small packages.

Jeff Bezos compressed his business philosophy into two rules:

1. It’s always Day 1
2. Be obsessed with the customer

Clear, simple and memorable.

4/ The Bible is a compressed guide to life.

Every story, every verse, every word is significant.

Even then, we compressed the entire thing into a simple rule of thumb: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

5/ Picasso mastered compression.

One time, he tried to identify the fundamental spirit a bull through a series of progressively simpler images.

Cut. Cut. Cut.

He removed what wasn't necessary at each step.

6/ Deep learning algorithms invented a way to separate the signal from the noise. New experiments reveal how.

Algorithms improve as they forget more.

Like humans, algorithms keep only the most relevant data. Over time, they forget everything else.

7/ The lesson: Forgetting is a feature, not a bug.

Compress ideas.

Forget more to learn more.

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