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It's Sunday, which is meant to be my Twitter free day, but first a quick thread about ongoing claims that lesbian women (& increasingly gay men) experiencing same-sex attraction is "problematic". Gather round.

This whole conversation about lesbians & gays just needing to be a little more woke or enlightened about what shapes our desires is coercive. It follows the logic of conversion therapy: shaming those who experience same-sex attraction into "acceptable" sexual practice.

Being lesbian or gay is once more reduced to a "preference", implying our sexuality is something we can discard at will or reshape to meet social expectations placed upon us. More classic homophobic tactics...

We are told, without irony, that lesbian desires are informed by normative standards. False: women are endlessly encouraged to despise female bodies and centre our lives around men. So desiring the female form & loving women is inherently radical, oppositional.

Escaping compulsory heterosexuality is a hard won victory for lesbians. And, to a lesser extent (patriarchy encourages homosocial bonding), gay men. Against the immense pressures of social conditioning, we made it,

Significant that straight male sexuality isn't policed, that straight women aren't challenged for being attracted to biological men. But lesbian and gay desires are subject to criticism. Say it with me: homophobia.

Heterosexuality remains beyond criticism, while same-sex desire is fiercely contested. Where have we seen this before? Think about that before policing lesbian & gay sexuality.

So many liberal, progressive types have embraced coercive behaviour and traditional homophobia - and all to taste delicious ally cookies. That is far worthier of critique than lesbian sexual practice.

As women who love women, our sexual boundaries are uniquely devalued by patriarchy. So in conversations about sexuality and "inclusivity", lesbian women are the primary target.

Lesbian sexuality is legitimate. Women's sexual boundaries are legitimate. Be wary of anyone who seeks to undermine either, for whatever cause.

Important to note: lesbian sexuality is not inherently trans-exclusionary. It's often open to non-binary and trans-identifying people who are biologically female.

Being trans is *not* what excludes anyone from lesbian desire. Being biologically male is. A person's sex, not gender (nor even gender identity), determines the potential for lesbian attraction.

Plenty of dykes are with a partner who lives or has formerly lived as a transman. It's so dishonest to claim lesbian sexuality is trans-exclusionary, but lesbians make convenient villains.

What we should challenge:
- inability to respect women's sexual boundaries
- attempts to invalidate same-sex attraction
- coercive practice in progressive politics
- sexual entitlement towards women

What we should respect:
- lesbian sexuality
- women's sexual boundaries

Interesting how many heterosexual feminists have so much to say about lesbian sexuality when they themselves only partner with "cis" men....

Heterosexuals with opinions need not tag me. Now I'm off to read some June Jordan.

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