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School threats since Parkland:

Hitchcock, TX: 18-year-old student threatened to turn school into “another Florida"

Brethren, MI: 17-year-old arrested after sheriff received tip that the student threatened to attack his high school. A semiautomatic rifle was found in his home.

Shorewood Hills, WI: A father entered child’s school and gave a teacher a note with the word “gun” written on it to raise concerns about school security

Orono, MN: High school student wrote in Twitter post: “Orono is not safe. Today at 12:00 I will shoot up the school myself”

Whittier, CA: A school employee heard a 17-year-old student telling a classmate, “I guarantee you the school will be shot up in three weeks”

Arlington, TX: Two 16-year-olds were arrested after scrawling on a wall and writing online that they were planning to attack their school

Jackson Township, OH: A 7th grader shot and killed himself inside a school restroom; he had planned a mass shooting but changed his mind

Rowlett, TX: 17 year old arrested for sitting in his car outside of high school event with a semiautomatic rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition

Spartanburg, SC: A 9th grader posted a photo showing an assault rifle with the words "round 2 of Florida tomorrow"

Arlington, TX: 13 year old arrested after he told other students he wanted to shoot up the school and mentioned guns

Plano, TX: 16 year old boy arrested for possession of a handgun after a high school resource officer investigated an anonymous tip that a student brought a handgun to campus

Sugar Hill, GA: A high school student was arrested after being found with a gun on campus

West Palm Beach, FL: Police arrested a student who brought two guns to his high school

Flower Mound, TX: Police arrested a 16-year-old at his high school after officers found a small-caliber handgun in his backpack

Collier County, FL: Officers found a note in an 18 year old's backpack that threatened to, "shoot up school," along with a list of names of students. The list contained a drawing of a student with bullet holes to the chest

Elkhorn, NE: 17 year old student wrote in a classmate's notebook that a school shooting would happen on a certain date using his parent's gun

Tulsa, OK: Police arrested 23 year old man who made threats against area schools; they recovered guns and ammo from his home

West Haven, CT: 14 year old student charged after he made threats against staff and displayed pictures of guns

Rutland, VT: 18 year old told authorities he wanted to cause "mass casualties" at local school; police recovered his shotgun and ammo and books about Columbine shooting

Skowhegan, ME: A social media post showed an image of an AR-15 accompanied by a threat, “Skowhegan, February 28, 2018 you’re all DEAD”

Vadnais Heights, MN: A 13 year old and his parents were arrested after he made a threat and negligently stored guns were recovered from his home

Everett, WA: Authorities arrested an 18 year old who was said to be planning an mass shooting inside a school; the alleged plan was foiled by his grandmother

Durham, CT: Troopers arrested a high school student for threatening violence and insinuating a school shooting

This list isn’t complete. I focused mainly on school shooting threats - especially those that resulted in guns being recovered. This is where we’ve allowed a greedy gun lobby to take our nation - but we have the power to make it stop.


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