Anand Giridharadas @AnandWrites @TIME editor at large. Author of @WinnersTakeAll, THE TRUE AMERICAN, & INDIA CALLING. MSNBC political analyst. @PriyaParker's man. Father. Rhymes with "almond." Mar. 07, 2018 1 min read

Working for Donald Trump for a year-plus and then leaving over tariffs is like working for Genghis Khan and leaving over the snack selection.

Imagine Gary Cohn cast back into history.

“Gary Cohn quits Pol Pot government in dispute over parking validation in cabinet lot”

“Gary Cohn breaks with Idi Amin over farm subsidies”

“Gary Cohn parts ways with Mussolini; says food safety regulations have ‘gone too far’”

“Gary Cohn to break with Attila the Hun, citing delay in getting his new horse”

“Gary Cohn hands in resignation to Vlad the Impaler, says he cannot work with someone ‘who is willing to slash everything except the corporate tax rate’”

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