François Chollet @fchollet Deep learning @google. Author of Keras, neural networks library. Author of book "Deep Learning with Python". Founder of Wysp, learning platform for artists. Mar. 08, 2018 1 min read

TensorFlow is the platform of choice for deep learning in the research community. These are deep learning framework mentions on arXiv over the past 3 months

Keras usage is most dominant in the industry (both large companies and startups) and in the overall data science community. In the research community, Keras has a much smaller market share

And here are the GitHub popularity metrics at this time.

Unfortunately I had to remove forks from the score, as they appear to be artificially inflated for TF. TF has 60k forks, growing at 10k/month, which doesn't make any sense. Possibly someone misusing the GitHub API...

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