Matt Navarra @MattNavarra Social media industry commentator + consultant | Previously director of social @thenextweb + digital comms @govuk | Self-confessed geek 🤓 Mar. 17, 2018 1 min read

Facebook has a bunch of fun animations triggered by keywords you post in comments.

Facebook calls them ‘text effects’.

Here’s a list of all the known ‘text effects’ trigger words: 

This thread has recordings of most of them...

1/ ‘BFF’

2/ ‘You got this’

3/ ‘You’re the best’

4/ ‘XO’

5/ ‘Congrats’

6/ ‘Best wishes’

Other words that work for some users:

- ‘Rad’ - Flying thumbs up rockets

- ‘Good vibes’

Do you know any others?

Let me know

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