zeynep tufekci @zeynep Thinking about our tools, ourselves. @UNCSILS prof + @NYTimes writer. Newsletter: t.co/klJwJ6vkB5 Book: t.co/RmMouki39B Mar. 17, 2018 1 min read

Facebook's defense that Cambridge Analytica harvesting of FB user data from millions is not technically a "breach" is a more profound & damning statement of what's wrong with Facebook's business model than a "breach".

In Turkish there is a saying: when the apology is more revealing of a wrong. This is pretty much that. Sure, no security measures were bypassed. (Of course that would be another huge wrong). Maybe there's something wrong with all this enormous data surveillance machinery, huh.

Also *ahem*. A good number of us had been objecting and pointing out the broader harms of the interaction between Facebook's business model and politics even when it appeared to benefit Obama/Democrats.

If your business is building a massive surveillance machinery, the data will eventually be used & misused. Hacked, breached, leaked, pilfered, conned, "targeted", "engaged", "profiled", sold.. There is no informed consent because it's not possible to reasonably inform or consent.

Facebook (and Google, too!) have great security teams. Some of the best in the business, no doubt. Full of conscientious people. But they can’t mitigate the business model. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Informed consent cannot function when we cannot be reasonably informed.

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