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If you are watching the Cambridge Analytica story unfold, please please support our journalism. We’ve fought off 3 legal threats from CA & 1 from Facebook. It’s a whole year’s work & we gave it to @Channel4News & @nytimes for the greater good. We need you! 

We’re proud to be part of @guardian family, but we are a tiny team & editors @jnmulholland @paulfwebster & @JaneFerg made this possible. 👏👏👏

took our evidence painstakingly gathered over 10 months to get permission to make their film. The @guardian & Observer’s public service journalism is bedrock of this entire transatlantic (@chrisinsilico -inspired) news enterprise. Please support.

Finally, bloody brilliant design from @lynsirvine using @AOlmosPhotos. "We haven't done a black front page in 30 years," said editor @paulfwebster...

Posting this again. Just because.

And kudos to great partners across the ocean at @nytimes - @AllMattNYT & @nickconfessore. This whole huge mess is a transatlantic skein of people, data, politics...unfolding in real time

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