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UPDATE: An ex-employee source points out "Cambridge Analytica is a legal fiction. Alexander Nix has been suspended from NOTHING."
This is a very good point. More to follow...

Look. This is in Cambridge Analytica's own words (from when it was trying to sue us). It's a shell company with no employees. What exactly has Alexander Nix been suspended from???

This is an important point that @guardian's legal superbrain, @ladywell23 has had to grapple with over months. Cambridge Analytica exists only on paper. Alexander Nix is CEO of SCL Elections. From which he hasn't been suspended.

Alexander Nix has been suspended from a shell company that has no employees and no assets. If you think this ends here, think again.

Also want to point out that @guardian legal superbrain @ladywell23 is the rock on which this whole investigation rests. She faced down CA’s lawyers not 1 but 3 times to get this story out 👏👏👏

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