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This is nuts: The Wisconsin GOP is now trying to pass a law to overturn a ruling from a judge *they appointed* so they won't have to hold special elections they could lose. Attacking the rule of law isn't just in vogue for Pennsylvania Republicans 

Gov. Scott Walker's Wisconsin GOP has:
1) Gerrymandered so extremely that GOP won solid majorities when Dems won the 2012 popular vote
2) Passed voter ID & other restrictions that may have flipped WI to Trump
3) Crushed unions to decimate Dem political organizing power
4) This:

New: After judge orders Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to hold special elections, GOP pushes law to overturn the ruling 

Wow! Wisconsin Republicans are quickly moving to nullify a court order to hold special elections for legislative districts where the GOP is trying to deny voters representation for nearly a year because Dems could win

Holy crap, Wisconsin Republicans are already calling a special session to overturn this court ruling

If Wisconsin GOP were serious about reforming special elections, they could amend WI's constitution to have same-party temporary appointees who can't run in the next regular election. They don't give a damn about special election timing. They're only mad because Dems could win

Here's how you can help punish Wisconsin Republicans for this insanely undemocratic power grab: Help elect progressive judge Rebecca Dallet to a conservative-held state Supreme Court seat on April 3 

Scott Walker’s own record refutes his argument that special elections would have been too close to November & too costly. It’s transparently a partisan ploy to undermine democracy

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