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I am so angry & upset with 10 Downing Street for outing Shahmir. And I’m fucking furious with the BBC for treating it like a spat. #Marr 

This is absolutely indefensible. Number 10’s press office outed a 24-year-old man against his will. Think about it. This was sanctioned and approved by Theresa May’s government.

Why? Because this is a scandal that goes to the very heart of government. Boris Johnson, Michael Gove & 2 of Theresa May's advisors in the frame. This isn't about party politics. It's about the law.

This is a Google drive. Set up by Vote Leave to co-ordinate BeLeave's messaging.
March 1, 2017: Electoral Commission opened an investigation into illegal co-ordination between campaigns.
March 17: senior Vote Leave director deletes herself & 2 others from 140 files.

On Friday, 10 Downing Street not only outed Shahmir against his will. It also put out a lie. And this email proves it.

Shahmir has family in Pakistan where homosexuality is neither accepted nor tolerated. I had grave fears for him & them. And on Friday those fears were realised when no 10 outed him. Shocking, shameful & indefensible that Theresa May's office did this. 

Last week's story about about Facebook? The one that wiped $79 billion off the stock price? It was dropped by @BBC's Panorama. This week's story? Dropped by @BBC's Panorama. They have this evidence. They've just refused to broadcast it. Questions?

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