Mike Stuchbery 💀🍷 @MikeStuchbery_ Journalist, Writer, Historian & Disgraced Former Supply Teacher. Mar. 25, 2018

There's many Far Right movements that are gaining traction in the West. The one I would hope you would educate yourself about is the Identitarian Movement, that is gaining particular attention in Europe. Make no mistake - they are fascists.

The Identitarian Movement rose out of Génération Identitaire, a French Far Right youth movement, with links to the Bloc Identitarian & other Far Right organizations stretching back to the sixties.

The 'bible' of the Identitarian Movement is 'Generation Identity', written by Markus Willinger & published in 2013.

It is a call to arms not only against the supposed 'Islamization' of Europe, but also as a rejection of the progressive movements of the last fifty years.

Make no mistake: 'Generation Identity' is no considered critique of migration policy, this is a fiery call to arms - in the literal sense. They couch their struggle in military terms.

The Identitarian Movement have won a lot of converts with their slick iconography, graphic design, merchandise(!) and public appearances.

The effect is to create a feel of 'pan-European unity' (*not* the EU) against hostile hordes.

The Identitarian Movement stresses that they are non-violent - that they engage in 'actions' - but the evidence is trending towards not bearing this out.

This is Martin Sellner, an Austrian who is a leading light in the movement.

Martin - who, incidentally can no longer carry a weapon in his own country after a supposed 'attack' on him by 'Antifa' - has led a number of questionable activities.

In 2016 he stormed a pro-refugee play at the University of Vienna, in which some of the audience were injured.

Sellner, along with his girlfriend, Brittany Pettibone, and Lauren Southern also crowdfunded and crewed the 'Defend Europe' mission, during which they threatened migrant rescue vessels in the Med.  https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/defend-europe-far-right-ship-stop-refugees-mediterranean-end-mission-c-star-setbacks-migrant-boats-a7904466.html%3famp 

Sellner, along with Pettibone, were recently turned back at the UK Border when Sellner was supposed to give a speech at Hyde Park, citing security & other concerns.

The Identitarian Movement has branches across Europe, and now has an offshoot in the UK, in the form of Identity Europe.

Don't let it be forgotten that Identity Europa played a major role in Charlottesville.

Now, they make look photogenic, and they may seem to make some persuasive arguments - every fascist movement to exist has.

Again, make no mistake - they are fascists in the ideology and outlook. They have beginning sending members to training camps.

Identitarians are gathering in London on the 14th for a conference. Don't wait until their symbols start appearing in your neighbourhood - challenge them now.

Look for the location of their conference to be announced & be prepared to show your opposition to fascism.

The Nazis were a disorganized, unfocused mess 10 years before they seized power. Don't think the same can't happen again. Challenge those who would take us back to an age of atrocity. FIN.

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