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Here he is...

Paul Farrelly just asked question about Smersh in relation to Cambridge Analytica. @chrisinsilico: ‘Smersh?’ Farrelly: ‘The organisation in James Bond’

.@chrisinsilico now being asked about the death of his predecessor in Kenya. ‘To be clear, I didn’t know that he died when I took the job.’

‘I was told that the police were bribed to not enter the hotel room where he died for 24 hours’

Hey @WendySiegelman, your chart of CA/SCL structure being shown to MPs..

‘They got rid of Tchenguiz when they finalised the CA deal’

Uh oh. @chrisinsilico meets parliamentary privilege. ‘Because Tchenguiz is kind of sketchy’.

‘Certain wealthy people need things to keep them occupied. So going into a country & running things appeals to them’

Now talking about Cambridge Analytica’s relationship to AIQ. The firm that worked for Vote Leave in Brexit

AIQ’s intellectual property was assigned to SCL & it traded as SCL Canada

Having different entities helpful for getting around co-ordination rules esp in States, says @chrisinsilico

AIQ also worked in Cambridge Analytica campaign in Nigeria.

.@chrisinsilico claiming that hacking of Nigerian president carried out by Black Cube. (NB note from me: this is based on my reporting & I have no proof of that)

Hacking of Nigerian president was carried out by Israeli hackers. Channel 4 news has footage of Nix offering Black Cube’s services. These are two separate things though. No proven link.

Chris now talking about how he met Vote Leave’s Dom Cummings & is asking ‘where did he get the data? That baffles me.’

‘AIQ is a company that works with hacked material. That distributes violent content. There is a lot of questions to be asked.’

‘AIQ was involved in the Nigeria project.’ @chrisinsilico tells MPs they should follow @guardian’s reporting on this..

.@IanCLucas reads AIQ’ms statement about how it has no relationship to CA. What do make of that, he asks. ‘It’s weasel words,’ says @chrisinsilico

Did CA share it’s data with AIQ, asks @IanCLucas.
@chrisinsilico: ‘Absolutely.’

CA had Facebook data. And so did AIQ. ‘I have provided the contractual documents for that’

‘It is categorically untrue that CA never used Facebook data. It was the foundational dataset of the company’

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