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Here is is. The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook contract. Denied by Facebook. Denied by Cambridge Analytica. Leaked by @chrisinsilico. And published today by @DamianCollins as part of UK parliament's fake news inquiry.

Yes, the stuff about SCL Elections is confusing but here's a helpful primer. A legal memo sent to Steve Bannon and Rebekah Mercer that explains the company's structure...

This document, also published today, is pretty dear to my heart. It's the intellectual property licence that links Cambridge Analytica to AggregateIQ, & hence LeaveEU to Vote Leave. It was the weird, mystery link that led me to track down @chrisinsilico..

The full set of documents published today all here: 

To clarify. The contract shows GSR - Kogan's company - being commissioned to harvest the Facebook on behalf of SCL Elections, from which Cambridge Analytica was created. Below from @harryfoxdavies on how he told Facebook.. 

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