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BIG news. HUGE news. Facebook suspends AggregateIQ. The data firm Vote Leave spent £2.9 million with. VL's chief strategist Dom Cummings: "We couldn't have done it without them." 

This really is massive. AIQ is right at the very heart of Brexit. It was used by four different campaigns: Vote Leave, BeLeave, Veterans for Britain & the DUP.

...and it's already at the centre of another scandal. If you haven't already, please read @shahmiruk's story of how Vote Leave used BeLeave as an overspending vehicle. He showed such bravery coming forward. And has been treated by govt with such contempt 

This is where @chrisinsilico revealed AIQ's deep, deep links to Cambridge Analytica. And here's the documents that he gave to Parliament: 

And here's the disturbing video that Cambridge Analytica made & asked AIQ to distribute (via Facebook) to scare people from voting. It shows people being murdered. 

Here it is. The screenshot that got scrubbed from history. This was deleted from AIQ's site after we put our questions to it.

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