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Looking to build your LinkedIn network on your sock puppet? People who put their certifications in the "Last name" field have a very good acceptance rate. So do people who put their certifications prominently in their summary.

A second tip for your sock puppets: Find someone who has 500+ connections in your target industry and try to connect with them first. My connection acceptances grew tremendously once a few popular names were in the "shared connections" list.

A third tip for your sock puppets:

If you're facing enhanced scrutiny, maybe because your LinkedIn doesn't look very "lived in" (I think this is called "seasoning your cover"), hit up fiverr and get some people to write articles for you to post exclusively to LinkedIn.

On the topic of seasoning your cover, a fourth tip for your sock puppets:

Don't spin up a new identity just before an operation and only try to connect to the target organization. This is suspect af. Build and maintain many identities over a couple months. Interact with people.

Fifth tip for sock puppets:

Remember to take advantage of extended networks. If you've identified specific targets inside an organization, why bother trying to connect with them directly when you can connect to their friends/coworkers and get pretty much all the same info?

Sixth tip:

Channeling my inner @dualcoremusic / @savant42 - When building puppets to target specific people, minimize your interaction economics. Gather information from other sources as much as possible before making contact. It'll help, I promise.

It might sound hard to maintain accounts over a longer period of time to make them look lived in, but that's where LinkedIn comes to your aid. Few people are actively using LinkedIn's social features, so pop in once every week or two and comment, like, endorse, whatever.

They've also made it incredibly easy (like click a single button) to interact with people on milestones in their career. This is an easy way to get some cheap interactions in without being suspicious.

Here we've got a notification to congratulate @dualcoremusic for 11 years together. If you click "Say congrats" it pops up a simple message. It literally takes like 15 seconds to customize the message and create a more meaningful interaction.

Also - Don't try to build your network too quickly. The joy of social networks is that you get to capitalize on your mutual network. As you have more and more shared connections, you're in a better position to get accepted for future connections. Start slow, build over time.

As a final tip -

If you're doing a tweet thread about building and maintaining your LinkedIn sockpuppets, be smart and don't try to add people to your sockpuppets just because they interacted with you on twitter.

Speaking from experience.

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