Matt Navarra @MattNavarra Social media industry commentator + consultant | Previously director of social @thenextweb + digital comms @govuk | Self-confessed geek 🤓 Apr. 10, 2018

Personal News Alert!

It's time for me to say goodbye to @thenextweb 😭

I've had 5 great years with my TNW family, but i need a new challenge.

My last day at TNW will be Friday 4 May.

So...What am I doing next?

Answers in this thread...

From the start of May...

I will be available for hire as a freelance social / digital media consultant.

I will be helping brands, publishers, startups, events, agencies and more with their social and digital projects or challenges...

A few of the things I can help with
- Social/digital media consulting
- Online community/brand building
- Audience development for publishers
- Copywriting
- Social media training / development
- Press/Media/PR support
- Social media for events
- Content strategy

...And more

I currently have 2-3 big brand clients i'm about to start working with.

But, do you think i can help you/your business?
Do you know others that may want to work with me?

Let's connect!
Drop me a Twitter DM

Oh...And wish me luck! 🙏
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Thank you!

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