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1) This is a special #Qanon update.
Q has not posted today, but President #Trump tweeted something relevant to past Q posts.
Let's make some connections regarding the #TarmacMeeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton

2) This morning, President #Trump Tweeted this, suggesting that Loretta Lynch may have struck a deal with Bill Clinton during their Phoenix #TarmacMeeting for a SCOTUS (or Attorney General) spot if Lynch saw to it that Hillary wasn't prosecuted.

3) #Qanon posted this on 4chan on October 31st, 2017.
(Q was on 4chan before he moved to 8chan)
Study it.
Memorize it.
It outlines much of Q's mission.

4) This rhetorical question suggests that President #Trump makes audacious (but provable) statements because he has access to information that we don't.
#Qanon #TarmacMeeting

5) When President #Trump suggested that Obama "tapped" his wires, the MSM went berserk. But we now know Obama had Trump's entire campaign under surveillance.
How did he know?
The NSA sees all.
POTUS has access to their intel.

6) That was the point of these questions that #Qanon asked in November.

7) When Admiral Rogers met with #Trump's team after the election, the meeting was about more than the fact that Obama had them under surveillance.
Rogers likey spilled the dirt on the curruption in DC.
Including what he knew about the #TarmacMeeting 

8) Today's tweet by the President asked what happened during the #TarmacMeeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.
#Qanon asked the same question but suggested the NSA has a recording of it which Admiral Rogers misscategoried to hide from bad actors 

9) Why would President #Trump tweet about the #TarmacMeeting suggesting that a deal was made to keep Hillary from being prosecuted?
Because he knows what was said.
And #Qanon said we need to keep public interest high regarding this issue.

10) If we keeep public interest high, we help SET THE STAGE for the #TarmacMeeting tape to be made public.
(Some believe that the Hillary video involves pedophilia but I suspect there's a video that has to do with the tarmac meeting.)

11) If you want more information on the Hillary video, you might check this out.
#Qanon #TarmacMeeting 

12) In the first week of April, #Qanon said April is the month to make things publicly known about the #TarmacMeeting
Our part is to spread the word.
Q and the team need us to be their voice.

13) It's time to learn what happened during the #TarmacMeeting

14) No one trolls the media like #Trump.
His recent tweetstorms are designed to draw media attention to Comey and Lynch.
As expected the MSM took the bait.
#Qanon #TarmacMeeting 

15) This is the New York Times report from this morning about #Trump's tweets and the #TarmacMeeting

16) Vox weighed in calling #Trump's suggestion about the #TarmacMeeting a "conspiracy."

17) CBS fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.
#TarmacMeeting #Qanon 

18) Now we make a little noise until #Trump drops the evidence about the #TarmacMeeting

19) Continuing the thread:
#Qanon posted a screenshot referencing the #TarmacMeeting
He confirmed that #Trump's tweet was a signal to let us know it time to raise public interest.

20) #Qanon wants us to compare old and new posts.
He clarified that at the #TarmacMeeting Loretta Lynch was promised (by Hillary) Ruth Bader Ginsburg's spot on the Supreme Court when she retired not Antonin Scalia's.

21) An anon confessed he had made a wrong assumption.
#Qanon #TarmacMeeting

22) #Qanon saying the plan discussed at the #TarmacMeeting was to keep Lynch as Attorney General and appoint a replacement for Scalia. Lynch would fill Ginsburg's spot when she stepped down.
(They never thought Hillary would lose)

23) After posting screenshots from Twitter users, #Qanon chided the anons.
I believe he's challenging them to step up their game.

24) #Qanon said from this point forward, it will be important to compare Loretta Lynch/Supreme Court Q drops with Trump tweets.

25) An Anon said he's making a side by side graphic.
#Qanon #TarmacMeeting

26) An anon asked about a typo.
#Qanon confirmed.

27) Here's the graphic the anon came up with.
#Qanon #TarmacMeeting

28) #Qanon responded.

29) #Qanon said in the future, we need to focus on the timing of Trump's tweets about the Supreme Court promise and #Qanon drops.
(That tells us POTUS will prove that the promise was made.
(The #TarmacMeeting tape will be incoming.)

30) #Qanon posted a graphic with his drops from the past, a Trump tweet and Scalia's Wikipedia page as examples of what we should be looking for.

31) An anon observed that POTUS seemed confident in his statements.
#Qanon responded.

32) #Qanon responded to his previous post, indicating that Scalia's murder and the plan involving Justice Ginsburg was a CIA black op done on John Brennan's watch.

33) #Qanon added that they made sure to have a reporter at the scene to document what happened during the #TarmacMeeting

34) Here's how a local reporter got the scoop on the #TarmacMeeting

35) #Qanon

36) #Qanon posted a link to a PDF that details testimony given during Ruth Bader Ginsburg's confirmation hearing as Supreme Court Justice. The testimony outlines some of her radical feminist views.

37) Screenshots of some of the statements concerning Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Link to PDF: 

38) #Qanon posted this image.
The Where.

39) #Qanon posted this image.
The Why.

40) "The why" photo is of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
(I believe we'll hear more about the exchange and why it's relevant in future drops.)

41) Here's the most current news report I was able to find on the Shenzhen stock exchange.

42) #Qanon posted this.
Whats' public is that the 5 eyes aided in compiling the Steele Dossier and getting a FISA warrant.
What's not public is how Obama used them to insert Manafort & Page into the Trump campaign and set up team members with Russian operatives.

43) The handy thing about the Five Eyes is that a member nation can spy on their own citizens (avoiding privacy laws) and have plausible deniability by saying it was another nation who obtained the information.
#Qanon #TarmacMeeting 

44) An example of the meetings that could have been set up by the Five Eyes:
The meeting between Donld Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Traps to make Trump's team look compromised.

45) Speaking of the younger Trumps, did you catch Eric Trump's tweet today?

46) Coincidence?

47) #Qanon said there were 4 Unique IDs [UIDs] on his board tonight that are CIA operatives
Are they Armenian?

48) Why are so many Armenians searching the term #Qanon?

49) The Qanon (pronounced “kah-nohn” in Armenian) is a stringed instrument played throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean, including Armenia, Turkey, Greece and Egypt.

50) An anon noted that according to his data, #Qanon searches began trending in November of 2017.

51) #Qanon said it's a distraction.
He added that there is evidence that CIA operatives are on the board.

52) An anon noticed the President's tweet this morning about China manipulating its currency and thought it may be connected to #Qanon's post about the "Where" and "why" pictures from last night.
(The "why" image was of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.)
He asked if 5:5 = The 5 Eyes

53) #Qanon confirmed that POTUS tweeted about China's manipulation of currency through its stock exchange.

IF Q answered the question about 5:5 & the 5 eyes, the answer is 25/100%.
But 25/100% could be related to currency.
(I'm not sure which it is or what it means.)

54) An anon asked #Qanon when the surveillance state would begin doing DNA testing via mobile phones.

55) #Qanon responded.

56) Quick info on 23andMe
Its founder is Anne Wojcicki.
Anne happens to be married to Sergei Brin, the founder of Google.
(#Qanon has discussed Sergei Brin previously.)

57) According to Scientific American, 23andMe is "a mechanism meant to be a front end for a massive information-gathering operation against an unwitting public."

Why is it relevant?
#Qanon has sugested that the surveillance state is coming to an end. 

58) #Qanon posted a link to the In-Q-Tel website portfolio page.
He's dropped crumbs about In-Q-Tel in the past but hasn't said much to give us context.
(Many people have had difficulty getting the page to load, so be patient.)

59) Here's the In-Q-tel wikipedia page.
In-Q-Tel is the venture capital arm of the intelligence community. They fund startup technology that has potential to be used by the CIA, NSA and other 3-letter agencies.

60) Here's what 20 firms had to say about taking the CIA's money.

61) If you're interested, this page shows In-Q-Tel's investments.

62) An anon made this list of companies funded by In-Q-Tel.

63) My asumption is that #Qanon will tell us more about In-Q-Tel in future.
The purpose of today's drop is to prompt us to learn more about them.


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