Josh Wolfe @wolfejosh VC, entrepreneur, fund manager @Lux_Capital; Chair @CiPrep Coney Island Prep; Trustee @SfiScience Santa Fe Inst; CoFounder of Carson, Quinn & Bodhi w/ @ltwolfe Apr. 18, 2018

1/ “DATA” will begin to be treated more formally and structured as an “ASSET” akin to financial securities like stocks and bonds...

2/ Some firms will start to sort + parse + “rate” data as they do BONDS:
-Duration (over what time is data useful and to what algorithms; for investors/traders, co’s)
-Quality (prime or subprime, normalized/standardized/structured or unstructured)
-Yield (what is yield on data)

3/ GDPR may play a role in standardizing data packages

4/ Some firms that were quantiative specialists in bonds/stocks will apply similar principles to stream and flows of data and even develop structured products + derivatives around DATA as an asset

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