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The number one reason that children are put into institutions is poverty. Donate to NGOs that support families! Parents usually give up their kids only because they have no alternative means of accessing food/medical care @lumos (thread) 1/

The second most important reason for children ending up in so-called 'orphanages' is disability. Foreign donations should be supporting inclusive education systems so that disabled kids can go to school while living with their families. @lumos 2/

The third most important reason for children being institutionalised is war/natural disasters. These children are at great risk of being trafficked and reuniting them with family should be the number one priority 3/

80 years of research into the effects of growing up in institutions are damning. One study found that 1 in 3 institutionalised children end up homeless, 1 in 5 have a criminal record, 1 in 7 are involved in prostitution and 1 in 10 kill themselves.  https://lumos.contentfiles.net/media/documents/document/2017/11/17_01_02_Lumos_position_on_European_pillar_on_social_rights_.pdf  4/

There is a reason first world countries closed orphanages for good. They cause harm to children. Please read more before donating or volunteering.  http://www.wearelumos.org  5/X

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