Josh Wolfe @wolfejosh VC, entrepreneur, fund manager @Lux_Capital; Chair @CiPrep Coney Island Prep; Trustee @SfiScience Santa Fe Inst; CoFounder of Carson, Quinn & Bodhi w/ @ltwolfe May. 04, 2018 1 min read

1/ One of the most important things you read today

(from one of the most important people who backed Lux early on): Stan Druckenmiller.


2/ Druckenmiller on PRICE DISTORTION (price of capital aka interest rates).

3/ Druckenmiller on the massive underappreciated DEFLATIONARY RISK from ASSET BUBBLES created by central banks...

4/ What does everyone believe to be true—-that just aint so? Here was my nonconsensus nonobvious take a few weeks ago:

5/ A year later... Rosenberg on liquidity + deflationary risks, lower rates, rising bond prices (at a time Fed has hinted at further distorting long end of curve)

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