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Hot dogs are pretty good but hamburgers are bland and boring and wildly overrated.

OK, before my First Amendment privileges are revoked, let me clarify.

Cheap hot dogs are gross. Good hot dogs are basically sausages, and sausages are the finest form of meat.

A hamburger is a big lump of ground beef: bland. Lettuce: bland. Ketchup: bland. White bread: bland.

Yes, you can make a hamburger not bland -- enough seasoning, pickles, BBQ sauce, whatever, you can give it some taste. Which is to say, you can disguise the fact that you're eating a big lump of bland ground beef. But then, why not keep all the tasty stuff & ditch the patty?

Once again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas.

I'm feeling extremely oppressed and silenced on this matter and demand an op-ed in a national newspaper to express my pain.

*whispers* I don't like steak that much either.

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