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A big shift is happening... I can feel it. This could be an en masse enlightening of a big % of the population. Some will fight, scream and resist but it may happen regardless.

I'm about to board a plane. It looks like my last tweet is spreading so I'll expand and reply when I land! 🛫

Just arrived in Germany. OK let me try to expand on my initial tweet a little bit. It's easier to vocalise than to tweet tbh but I'll try to formulate my thoughts...

Over the past decade, I feel like there has been a growing divide. A focus on division, rather than unity. Differences rather than similarities. Emotions over logic. Equity over equality.

Powerful people and movements have infiltrated daily life. Promoting degeneracy whilst also pitting Left against Right, Men against women, White against Black. Etc. Many who claim to be AGAINST this are also propagating it... Hopefully inadvertently.

You'll notice this with many people who talk and obsess incessantly about race, gender and the like. Day in day out. Non stop. Politicians, activists, students...

A large % of the media also buys into and perpetuates this divisive narrative. Making people believe that there are massive differences where there aren't. And aren't differences where there clearly are. It's confusing and multi-layered.

Over time. The majority lose the ability to think and debate rationally and logically. People take 'sides' and view ervrything and everyone that challenges their narrative or viewpoint as an enemy or predator.

Those who can see through this 'matrix' and speak out against it are misrepresented by the media and the ideologically possessed masses. They are shamed into submission or outright protested against in extreme cases.

The 'tolerant' have become intolerant. The true 'liberals' are rejected by their own side. The gap widens. People stop communicating civilly. Both sides are 100% convinced the 'other side' is the enemy...

Now I think it's been pushed way too far. A growing number of people are starting to notice the hypocrisy, irrationality and nonsense. People are questioning governments more, questioning the media more. Questioning their own beliefs...

Those who created and live by the current mainstream narrative are fighting tooth and nail to maintain their stranglehold. They need people to stay reliant on them for political, economic and popularity reasons.

But more and more people are waking up. Slowly but surely. You see this evidenced on social media, in politics and by the rise of Bitcoin, blockchain tech and decentralisation.

Ah... I could go on forever but not trying to write an essay. Anyway, it's a good time to be alive. The super awakening could still be years away but all of this is good imo. Let's see what happens.

I hope I made sense. It's complex and there's a lot I don't know. In terms of individual action though, do your own research, have deep conversations, look at alternative viewpoints, challenge your own and be lead by love, not resentment. ✌🏾

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