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1) This is my #Qanon thread for May 5, 2018

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This site has them all: 

My theme for this series: Justice Has Come

2) #QAnon is posting on a new board named Patriots Fight: 
That board is locked down which means it's not open to comments.
(The Great Awakening board was set up the same way.)
Q will at some point, continue posting on a board that allows anons to respond.

3) #Qanon told us on April 29th we were entering a new phase of the operation that would be centered around JUSTICE.

4) #Qanon posted this which I believe is a coded list of subjects that will be addressed in the next phase of the mission.

Note the file name of the image: Justice

5) #Qanon posted a tweet by the President that asks why the DOJ hasn't turned over to Congress the unredacted documents they've requested.
Note: "Justice" is in quotes.
Also note the file name: Justice_.png

6) #Qanon posted this about John Kerry's attempts to keep the Iran deal intact.
He also asked why former Presidents Obama and Clinton are secretly traveling the globe meeting heads of state before and after President Trump.

Are they attempting to undermine his foreign policy?

7) Here's a link to the tweet that the above image was taken from:

8) Here's a link to an article about John Kerry's efforts to save the Iran deal.

9) #Qanon posted this. The lavender image is a list of FBI & DOJ officials Q gave us who were removed from power as of April 27th. He updated the list to show us that the swamp is being drained.

10) Here's a link to the tweet that the above image was taken from:

11) The MSM ass reported that FBI employees James Baker and Lisa Page resigned.

#Qanon said they were demoted and then fired. 

12) #Qanon said Lisa Page's testimony was received.
@TheLastRefuge2 has noted that Page was cooperating with investigators
Then she was fired.
Why was she fired?
Because she was a party to the corruption and when the investigation is over, her testimony is no longer needed.

13) The mass exodus of formerly cooperating FBI & DOJ employees signals the end of an investigation. Their services and testimonies are no longer needed so they were fired.

We will be moving next to the prosecution (JUSTICE) phase.

14) FBI Public Affairs Director Mike Kortan was fired but because he was cooperting with investigators, he was officially said to have "resigned." Now that the investigation is over, the truth can be told. 

15) FBI Special Agent Josh Campbell was fired some time ago. His op-ed in the Times was an attempt to cover up corrption in the Bureau's leadership.

16) David Laufman was said to have stepped down from his position at DOJ for "personal reasons."

#Qanon says he was casualty of President Trump's Operation #DrainTheSwamp 

17) We've been told that John P. Carlin resigned from his postion as head of DOJ National Security Division just before the 2016 election.

#Qanon said he was fired/forced out. 

18) We know that Sally Yates was fired from her position at DOJ. 

19) Mary McCord was said to have resigned from her DOJ job without giving a reason.
#Qanon said she was fired/forced out. 

20) Bruce Ohr was demoted twice but #Qanon said he's still a cooperating witness.

Ohr is likely being kept on to provide information on the Steel Dossier. That investigation is likely to be drawn out a bit longer.
Here's the latest. 

21) Rachel Brand has flown under the radar. The official story is that she left her #3 position at DOJ to become a VIP at Walmart.

#Qanon said she was fired/forced out. 

22) #Qanon said:
Cross reference these against House/Senate resignations/final term announcements.

57 members of the House of Representatives have resigned or are not running for re-election this year. 

23) Hundreds of CEO's, CFO's and other top executives have resigned in the last year. #Qanon suggests it's due to Executive Orders signed by the President.
Here's one article on CEO resignations. 

24) Here's another article on CEO resignations.

25) #Qanon said:

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