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The thing to remember, patriots, on @AGSchneiderman today is that he still is (Attorney General). Until the end of the day. And those whom he is investigating for corruption, including Cyrus Vance, who protects Jared and Ivanka, should take note.

As I reported, @AGSchneiderman dismissed his own enterprise corruption case on @Trump and referred it to FISC. A Grand Jury was brought in from EDVA because FISC is not an Article 3 Court.  https://patribotics.blog/2017/05/29/donald-trump-sealed-indictment-started-with-eric-schneiderman/ 

It was a bit of a surprise to @Comey, @AGSchneiderman and Dana Boente that this Grand Jury indicted @realDonaldTrump personally as well as @Trump, but they did.  https://patribotics.blog/2017/05/14/exclusive-sealed-indictment-granted-against-donald-trump/ 

knows Cyrus Vance and others in New York are corrupt. He has today - all day long - to make referrals to FISC. Schneiderman could have resigned last night. He didn’t. He chose to use this day in office.

Justice, both State and Federal, cannot be stopped. #USA

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