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THREAD: President Trump's financial disclosure report is due this Tuesday. The Office of Government Ethics works on drafts with presidents in advance so that the report can be released immediately upon filing and so that it does not have Kushner-level errors in it. /1

In past administrations, the White Houses thought it imperative to move heaven and earth to be sure the president's disclosure report was filed on time (by May 15). Like everything else having to do with ethics, this administration was unable to achieve that goal last year. /2

POTUS filed a month late. Unlike other WH officials, the law requires the president and VP to file their reports directly with OGE. As a matter of tradition, presidents usually obtained a WH ethics official's signature but delivered the report to OGE later the same day. /3

OGE would certify the disclosure report and release it that same day. Last year, due to the length of the report, OGE released it 2 days later (because OGE needed time to do a line-by-line comparison to make sure nothing had been changed from the draft it previously reviewed.) /4

All of this means OGE is either currently reviewing a draft or has agreed to grant an extension. If he files it by the deadline on Tuesday, the public should expect to see it by Thursday (unless there's a plan to do a Friday night dump in hopes of reducing media coverage). /5

There's a reason for the public to watch closely this year. This year's report is legally required to contain something that will be a newsworthy revelation. I and @AdavNoti will have an op ed in tomorrow's online version of USA Today explaining what that is. I'll post a link. /6

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