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Congress would’ve held hearings on Trump’s rival if Members suspected she had committed any of these abuses of power:

- fired FBI’s Director for investigating his campaign

- demanded USPS double the fees it charges a private newspaper owner as revenge for negative coverage


- ordered DOJ to investigate the FBI’s investigation of his own campaign

- possibly conspired with partisans in Congress to gather information about Mueller’s investigation

- per Giuliani, interfered with the AT&T merger (probably to attack CNN)


- bizarrely reversed his position on China, as well a Chinese telecommunications company that our intelligence community views as a national security threat, just days after China committed a half billion dollars to a project that will benefit him personally


- surprised the world by siding with Qatar’s regional rivals after receiving potentially illegal help from them during his campaign, after Qatar declined to pay his lawyer $1 million for access to him, and after it may have declined to lend money to his son-in-law’s family


- engaged in unprecedented interference with a career-level personnel action for personal revenge and after pledging that he would “purge” the government of career officials who disagree with him

- tried to pressure his own AG to violate a criminal conflict of interest law


- continued to employ Cohen after learning that Cohen attempted to sell access to him (in the case of Novartis, which had only one meeting with Cohen, at an astonishing rate of $333 per second)

- asked FBI to drop an investigation of his NSA, who later pleaded guilty


- has spent almost 1/3 of his days in office visiting his properties (almost 1/4 of his days at his golf courses), using each visit as an advertising opportunity and costing us tens of millions

- sells coffee mugs and other tourist garbage with the presidential seal on it


- attacked Nordstrom for discontinuing sales of his daughter’s line of foreign-made goods

- got DOJ to let him hire his daughter & son-in-law in the WH despite 4 prior DOJ legal opinions interpreting a half-century-old law that said presidents can’t hire relatives in the WH


- let his nepotistic daughter/son-in-law keep types of assets White House officials don’t normally keep

- carries his son-in-law on an interim clearance, which has had a cascading effect on the treatment of other WH officials whose backgrounds raised nat’l security concerns


Just imagine if she had done any of these things he is suspected of having done. There can be no doubting that our Congressional leadership would be holding hearings, maybe even using the “i” word.

History will not be kind to these hyper-partisan Members of Congress.

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